Winter Fat Bikepacking Trip - Law Island Vermont

This past fall I purchased a fatbike. It was a bit of a commitment for me, as I'm one of those people that really struggled to understand what the big deal was with biking in the winter. Typically winter for me is a time to do all of the things you can't do during the warmer months... ski, snowshoe, ice climb, etc... And, fatbikes themselves just seemed like heavy, slow, cold, and less exciting versions of riding in the summer. That said, with the pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon I needed an activity that was convenient to do from home. Bikepacking had really opened up some opportunities during the summer, and there were a few conveniently located fatbike trail systems nearby, so after much deliberation I pulled the trigger and added a fatty to my stable.  While I've really been enjoying winter trail riding a lot more than I thought I would, my primary reason for getting a fatbike was so I could continue getting out for short overnights. Since the beginning of Janua

Why I Purchased A Fatbike

I first learned about fatbikes many years ago when living in Houghton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A local rider picked one up and used it to commute into town. I'd occasionally see this person riding in the snow along the highway into town and I couldn't help but think... Why! I assumed that for this person cycling was their primary activity and that riding through the winter provided a way to maximize and maintain their fitness for the summer riding season. For me though... I always liked the change in seasons and related changes in activities. When I lived in the U.P. spring was for road riding and nordic skiing while it lasted. Late spring/early summer (bug season) was kayaking/road riding. Summer was for mountain biking and kayaking. Fall was for mountain biking and climbing. And winter was for ice climbing and downhill/nordic skiing. At that time, and ever since... I've had plenty of other activities to keep my busy during the winter so I never seriously consid

Who Am I... And Why Does This Blog Exist

 The short answer is: I'm a dad living in Burlington, VT and I miss creating stuff.  In a past life I used to spend almost all of my time biking, kayaking, climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, etc... and I always had my camera with me. I loved the challenge of going on an adventure and figuring out how to capture and communicate the experience visually.  Over the last few years (Son #1 born in 2015, Son #2 in 2018) I've had less time to spend outside, and less time creating. I maintained a personal website for a long time, but a couple of years ago it got hacked and at the time I didn't have the patience to deal with it and opted to let it disappear into the ether. Looking back... I totally and completely regret that decision.  That site contained so much history and so many good memories, and I just didn't realize how important they were in the moment. My kids are getting a little older and I wish I could share with them the kayaking trips I did with their mom, winter su