Who Am I... And Why Does This Blog Exist

 The short answer is: I'm a dad living in Burlington, VT and I miss creating stuff. 

In a past life I used to spend almost all of my time biking, kayaking, climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, etc... and I always had my camera with me. I loved the challenge of going on an adventure and figuring out how to capture and communicate the experience visually. 

Over the last few years (Son #1 born in 2015, Son #2 in 2018) I've had less time to spend outside, and less time creating. I maintained a personal website for a long time, but a couple of years ago it got hacked and at the time I didn't have the patience to deal with it and opted to let it disappear into the ether. Looking back... I totally and completely regret that decision. 

That site contained so much history and so many good memories, and I just didn't realize how important they were in the moment. My kids are getting a little older and I wish I could share with them the kayaking trips I did with their mom, winter surfing on Lake Superior, hiking across Iceland or climbing Mt Rainier, and so much more. I still have all the photos, but I no longer have the stories that went along with them. It's quite painful if I really think about it. 

Anyway... I'm going to try and get something going again. I really enjoy creating, and I feel that my experience is enhanced when I challenge myself to capture and share my experiences. I'm also a bit of a gear nerd, and love testing, tweaking, experimenting, and sometimes even making my own equipment. I'll be sharing some of my gear experiments as well and hopefully it will help someone else have a better outdoor experience. 

So stay tuned. I just picked up a fatbike and am already planning a handful of winter bikepacking adventures. 

Have a good one. 


PS: Maybe you're wondering what "Epa" is or means... maybe not. Well... In my family it means "dad". In reality it's just a bunch of gibberish. We have a strong connection to Estonia on my wife's side, and have family in Tallinn. My kids have Estonian first names, and we refer to parental units on my wife's side using the Estonian word. 

In Estonian mother is "Ema" while the word for father is "Isa". But, that's what everyone calls my father-in-law so I didn't feel like I could adopt that. So because "Ema" is just ma with "E" in front of it, and ma is just short for mom. Using the transitive property of equality I followed... dad >> pa >> + E = Epa! 

Early on... I had to force the issue, but now (5 years later) I've converted everyone :)